One last push to play in Minnesota

We are hungry for three weeks at The Loppet. The thought of playing the defending champs, Kubb Snipers, the new Team Knockerheads, 2/3 of Kubbsicles with another EC player, Team Kubboom (with little Sam), The Ringers, the Kubbchucks, and the host of other teams, well we cannot sleep. Going toe to toe with the best in the U.S., that is what we want. Also, meeting new teams and being Kubb Ambassadors, that is what we want. We live for both.

The only problem is Eric’s right wrist. Therapy has gone well, but not well enough to throw batons and for sure kubbs. Tomorrow we will see what the chiropractor can do. If it does not get better, well he will have to play left handed or we will have to be spectators at the world’s largest winter kubb tournament.

It is Life. It is Kubb.

3 thoughts on “One last push to play in Minnesota

  1. Garrick

    Eric – I say play left handed, even if your wrist feels good. Then in the middle of the semi-finals, declare: “I know something you don’t know!… I… am not LEFT HANDED!!” . Works great in fencing.


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