Tendinitis, in the right wrist?!?!

Eric here. I hurt my right wrist a couple weeks ago. Feels like a sprain. I am not sure how I did it. Perhaps picking up one of my daughters, playing football with them in the house, or working out at the Y. Not sure. I tried to rest it the best I could for a little more than a week. Bought a little brace for it. Nothing would help. Finally, I realized that I have to have this thing working before the Minnesota Kubb Tournament in February (and I had not played since probably the Dallas Tournament two months ago). I decided to go to the doctor yesterday. Well, as it is happening more and more, the doctor told me that things like this happen when you get older. According to the doctor, I have tendinitis. WHAT?!!!? Rest, ice, rest and ice. No kubb for me for awhile. (I am not going to complain, because I could be in Steve Feathers’s shoes and be resting from a new knee.) As I left the office, I could not help but laugh. Does he not know that I have a kubb tournament, heck the largest winter kubb tournament in the world, in two months.

From a sunny and actually sort of warm Eau Claire, Wisconsin, have a wonderful day.

1 thought on “Tendinitis, in the right wrist?!?!

  1. Eric Goplin

    This sounds like the beginning of a story that turns into the legendary year Eric and Paul won the Loppet using their left hands.

    Bummer, Eric. Rest up. Hope you’re ready come February. We’ll have plenty of ice on hand at least 🙂


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