Eric Anderson – Eau Claire, WI (Kubb Capital of North America)
Inkastare, Blaster, Last throw, kubb raiser

Paul Mullen – River Falls, WI
Lead-off, Baton weigher, Singles/doubles, Opening king shot, King killer, kubb raiser

Eric as the inkastare for Sweden’s Amateur Ringers at the 2012 Dallas Oktoberfest (photo: J. Thingelstad)

This is an exciting time for kubb in the U.S. We feel fortunate to be part of kubb at this time and to have so much activity happening in western Wisconsin and beyond. Over the past years, skill level in the Midwest is increasing fast, and we love it. We play in tournaments to meet new people, enjoy a day doing something we really enjoy doing, and have opportunities to battle against elite teams inside the the 8 meter by 5 meter pitch. Even though our practice time together has been eliminated, on the pitch, we are ONE…Sweden’s Sons. There is never any quit…never.

We have had others that have played with us and others that we have played with. We will continue to do that. We like two-person teams, but love three and six-person teams.

Sweden’s Sons Tournament Activity (this is all of them, not just top finishes):

Sweden’s Sons at Fox Valley Kubb Tournament – 2011

2010 Dallas, WI Oktoberfest – 1st
2011 Minneapolis, MN – 1st
2011 Appleton, WI – 1st
2011 Des Moines, IA – 3rd
2011 Dallas, WI Oktoberfest – 2nd (played as Dead Rabbits with one player from Amateur Hour)
2012 City of Lakes Loppet Tournament – 3rd
2012 Appleton, WI Clash of Kubb – 2nd
2012 Des Moines, IA – 1st (by name only, as Eric teamed up with Dave Ellringer from The Ringers)
2012 Dallas, WI Oktoberfest – 3rd (teamed up with The Ringers and Amateur Hour)


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